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Alarm Clocks

Start your day with satisfying simplicity with a reliable alarm clock whose beautiful design will be a welcome feature on your bedside table. No need to worry about your mobile phone battery dying. These alarm clocks operate with pinpoint accuracy to keep you to your daily routine.

Functionality is foremost in every design. Whether analog or digital, these clocks are made to be easy to read day and night. Clear, luminous hour markers make it easy for you to tell the time any hour of the night, while the quiet sweep second hands won’t disturb your sleep.

Battery-operated alarm clocks and those running on quartz mechanism, reduce your need for power plugs - a particular perk when you’re on the road.

We have vintage alarm clocks with stylish gold plated designs and intricate features that make them great mantel clocks, while our loud travel alarm clocks feature lightweight plastic cases perfect to minimal packing.

Browse our range of cool alarm clocks from premium brands such as Rhythm Clocks. Shop online in Australia at Clock eStore to enjoy quick delivery, easy returns, and a free lifetime warranty.